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Events: Maximising the effectiveness of virtual worlds in teaching and learning

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Joint JISC CETIS/Eduserv event looking at developments around using virtual worlds in education.
Date: 16 Jan 2009
Agenda: hyperlink
Contact: Sheila MacNeill
Location: University of Strathclyde
This is a follow up from the joint meeting held in September 2007. Registration for this meeting is now closed, although we will be maintaining a reserve list in case any places become available - please contact Sheila to request a place on the reserve list.

This is the Public delegate list - Staff members can log in to see the full list
name org projects
Paul Miller JISC RSC Northern  
Alison McNab HEA-ICS  
Bob McInally Glasgow College of Nautical Studies N/A
Ben Partridge University of Derby  
Andy Powell Eduserv  
Paul Priebsch    
bronagh power The Open University in Scotland none so far
Sarah Mattingly The Open University in Scotland  
Phil Marston University of Aberdeen none
Fiona Littleton University of Edinburgh  
Matt Lingard LSE  
Ray Land University of Strathclyde  
Daniel Livingstone University of the West of Scotland Advisory panel member - HABITAT (Users & Innovation)
Jan Low Dundee College  
Sheila MacNeill JISC CETIS (University of Strathclyde) lots! Curriculum design and delivery
Lorna M. Campbell CCETIS  
Kathryn R Trinder Glasgow Caledonian University LEX
Pauline Randall virtual-e Ltd  
Sheila Webber University of Sheffield  
Morag Watson Edinburgh University Library IRI Scotland, StoreLink
Peter Twining The Open University  
David White University of Oxford Open Habitat, Isthmus
Valerie Will    
Rowin Young   JISC CETIS
Heather Williamson JISC  
Jon Trinder Univ of Glasgow  
Maria Toro-Troconis Imperial College London  
Derek Robertson University of Stirling  
Gerry Roarty Dundee College  
Ren Reynolds the Virtual Policy Network none
Annabeth Robinson Leeds College of Art and Design  
Candy Schwartz Simmons College, Boston, MA, USA none
Cam Swift JISC RSC Northern Institutional Approachs to Curriculum Design
Garfield Southall University of Chester (NTI) SOLVS2
Kenji Lamb JISC Regional Support Centre Scotland N&E  
Christina Laing Adam Smith College  
Denny Colledge Edinburgh University Library  
Kevin Clark Adam Smith College  
Scott Chase University of Strathclyde  
Richard Creevy Glasgow College of Nautical Studies N/A
David Davies University of Warwick  
Gerry Dougan Scottish Further Education Unit Blooming CQF
Victoria Dishon University of Edinburgh  
Nicole Cargill-Kipar Heriot-Watt University  
Anne Campbell University of St Andrews  
Andy Beggan The University of Nottingham  
Ed Barker Eduserv  
Wilma Alexander University of Edinburgh  
Duncan Belk The Open University None
Natalia Biletska University of St Andrews, School of Modern Languages  
Kevin Brosnan University of Stirling  
Michael Bromby Glasgow Caledonian University  
Lisa Dow University Of St Andrews  
Theresa Duffy JISC RSC Scotland S&W JISC employee
Paul Hollins JISC CETIS Various
Fiona Grindey University of Southampton  
Harry Greiner City College Norwich -
Ian Ibbotson Knowledge Integration Ltf transcoder, centuryshare
Ann Jeffery University of Southampton M3
John Kirriemuir Silversprite  
R. John Robertson CETIS / Strathclyde RRT
Jackie Graham COLEG/Scotland's Colleges  
Karen Gilmore University of the West of Scotland  
Bobby Elliott    
Nic Earle University of Bristol  
K Fearon University of York  
Dr Fiona Curtis Durham University  
Dr Geoff Barker-Read University of Leeds None at present
Shri Footring JISC RSC Eastern  
Patrick Afchain University of the West of Scotland  
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