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Events: Vocabularies for Education and Skills - Improving Availability, Access and Reuse

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This will be an open meeting to bring together people who share a desire to increase the availability, access and reuse of vocabularies (code or term lists etc) in machine-readable forms and published to persistent locations on the web. It is being organised in association with the Vocabularies SIG of the Information Standards Board for education, skills and childrens services.

Attendees, who will have an interest in practical action, will generally fit into at least one of three categories: people who have vocabularies they wish to make more available; people who need existing vocabularies to expressed in an appropriate technical format; people with the technical expertise to realise the vision.

Please see the agenda for more information.

Since a per-person cost is entailed, a limited number of places have been pre-booked so please contact me if either you need to withdraw or the meeting is showing full.
Date: 07 Mar 2012
Agenda: hyperlink
Contact: Adam Cooper
Location: Maple House, Birmingham

This is the Public delegate list - Staff members can log in to see the full list
name org projects
Richard Roblin Department for Education  
Phill Purdy Collections Trust Contextual Wrappers 2; OBL4HE; Open Book; RDTF Management
Steven Phelps The Information Authority  
amber thomas JISC various
Rob Tice Knowledge IntegrationLtd Open Book
Andy Youell HESA  
Sandra Winfield University of Nottingham Course Data programme, ESCAPES, SHED
Alan Paull    
Anna Last Information Centre for Health and Social Care Vocabularies SIG
Adam Cooper JISC CETIS  
Richard Cookson The Learning Records Service N/A
Mike Collett Schemeta  
Tim Dumbleton-Thomas LSIS  
Bill Hutchison Pearson Education  
Wilbert Kraan JISC - CETIS  
Neil Jacobs JISC  
Helen Challinor Department for Education  
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