JISC CETIS events http://jisc.cetis.ac.uk/ News from Learning Analytics Summer Institute: LASI-UK, Informatics Forum, Edinburgh, 5th July #lasiuk http://lasi-uk.eventbrite.com/ Part of the Learning Analytics Summer Institute Global Network Jisc CETIS in partnership with the Open University in Scotland and the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics will be hosting a one day event on the 5th July in the Informatics Forum (Edinburgh) focusing on Learning Analytics. LASI-UK is part of a global network of events in the first week of July, which are linked to the Learning Analytics Summer Institute ( LASI ) at Stanford University. LASI-UK will explore ways of working with data to draw out and share insights that can make a real difference to learning and teaching. This free, interactive event has a dual focus on data visualisation and working with dialogue data . You can check out the draft programme here . Delegates are also invited to join us for an optional evening session, where we will be broadcasting the final morning plenary session live from Stanford.  Who should attend? Anyone with an interest in using data to support students and inform curriculum design and teaching, including: Data analysts, planners and management information providers Curriculum designers / education developers Those involved in the construction, delivery and analysis of MOOCs Registration Click here for more details and registration This is a free event; however, places are limited, so interested parties are encouraged to register early.  We look forward to welcoming you to our event. 20130705 20130705 Open Scotland http://intra.cetis.ac.uk/Open_Scotland In collaboration with SQA , Jisc RSC Scotland and the ALT Scotland SIG , Cetis is hosting a one day summit focused on open education policy for Scotland. The event, which will bring together an invited group of senior managers, policy makers and key thinkers, will provide an opportunity for critical reflection on the national and global impact of open education. Open Scotland will also provide a forum for identifying shared strategic priorities and scoping further collaborative activities to work towards more integrated policies and practice and encourage greater openness in Scottish education. A background briefing paper The Benefits of Open , has also been drafted to inform discussions at the event. Keynote: The Business and Policy Case for OER The Open Scotland keynote will be presented by Dr Cable Green, Creative Commons Director of Global Learning. The Internet, increasingly affordable computing, open licensing, open access journals and open educational resources provide the foundation for a world in which a quality education can be a basic human right. Yet before we break the "iron triangle" of access, cost and quality with new models, we need to develop sustainable open business models with open policies: public access to publicly funded resources. Dr. Cable Green, Director of Global Learning at Creative Commons, will discuss specific examples where institution, provinces / states and nations have built effective business cases for OER. He will also explore how to build effective teams for institution / system-wide OER projects in a way that both builds high quality OER and takes your institutions through the cultural shift to open. Keynote livestream: http://jisc.cetis.ac.uk/openscotlive Agenda The Open Scotland agenda and further information can be found here . Open Scotland is now fully subscribed, however Dr Cable Green's keynote will be streamed during the event and all outputs of the summit will be disseminated publicly under Creative Commons licence. 20130627 20130627 National Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh Webinar: Overview of cMOOC platform trends and creating your own open online course using WordPress 15th May at 16:30BST http://www.alt.ac.uk/events/octel-webinar-week-5-martin-hawksey There will be a webinar with Jisc CETIS' Martin Hawksey on platforms for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) with in particular focuses on the connectivist style of courses being often taught by individuals or small teams of academics. As well as an overview of emerging trends there will be an in-depth behind the scenes look at the ocTEL platform. ocTEL is built on the open source WordPress blogging platform which has been augmented with a set of additional plugins and some custom coding. Participants will gain an insight into the challenges of developing and running a connectivist style open course and have the opportunity to quiz the platform architect Martin Hawksey. No registration is required for this event and the webinar can be accessed via this link 20130515 20130515 Geek Out Webinar: Using Google App Scripts and Spreadsheets to Analyze Canvas Usage Data http://voice.instructure.com/geek-out-webinar--google-app-scripts Friday, April 26, 2013 16:00 BST Martin Hawksey of Jisc CETIS started playing around with discussion usage data in Canvas when he was participating in the Learning Analytics course in Canvas Network. Using Google's cloud scripting service Google Apps Script, free for Google Apps and Google account users, he could dig deep into the data and start doing some interesting (and valuable) analysis all from the comfort and familiarity of a spreadsheet. Join us for this free 50-minute technical webinar on Friday, April 26th as Martin details his experience using the Canvas APIs and walks through building scripts to get meaningful Canvas data using Google Apps Script and the Canvas APIs. Event hosted by Instructure 20130426 20130426 Online JISC CETIS Conference 2013 http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Conference_2013_programme For over a decade CETIS and JISC have been promoting the open agenda, through a number of programmes and activities including; open educational resources, open standards, open data and open software. This year’s CETIS conference will explore the benefits and realities to universities and colleges of adopting open strategies and approaches. Registration is now open in Eventbrite 20130312 20130313 Birmingham, United Kingdom The Lakeside Centre Using open source assessment and feedback tools http://jiscafstrandc.eventbrite.com/# One of the strands in the JISC Assessment and Feedback programme has been focusing on developing existing open source tools and adapting them for use in organisations beyond those they were developed in. As the projects draw to a close, this webinar will give a quick start guide in the use of these tools. 20130215 20130215 online Future Learners, new Opportunities and Technology http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Nottingham_2012-12-11 We heard a range of contributions around what the current issues are, related to the areas that used to be of interest to the CETIS Portfolio SIG, and looking to the future of how good practice, technology and interoperability can be taken forward. 20121211 20121211 The Senate Chamber, The Trent Building, University of Nottingham, NG7 2RD SoLAR Flare http://jisc.cetis.ac.uk/events/register.php?id=303 Inaugural UK SoLAR Flare meeting 20121119 20121119 Open University, Milton Keynes Webinar: OERRI Technical challenges and solutions http://oerritech.eventbrite.com/ This webinar is aimed projects funded through the OER Rapid Innovation strand of the JISC/HEA OER Programme. Other people with a knowledge of these projects are welcome to join. Over the course of the OERRI Programme you would have all discovered and solved a range of technical challenges, a number of these have been captured in your blog postings in the PROD database. The proposal for the session is to allow OERRI projects to highlight particular solutions, which you feel would most benefit the sector. To provide some structure it is proposed that discussions are based around themes such as ebooks; HTML5 (including audio/video); OER remixing/sharing; and data (resource description, tracking, activity/para data)--attendees will have a say in which themes are discussed. Register on Eventbrite 20120907 20120907 Online Webinar: Learning resource metadata for schema.org http://blogs.cetis.ac.uk/philb/2012/07/13/lrmi-webinar/ In this webinar we will explore the background, intent and output of the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI). The LRMI has proposed extensions to the schema.org microdata vocabulary with the aim of facilitating the discovery of learning resources through major search engines and other discovery services. We will provide an introduction to schema.org and describe the specific approach taken by LRMI. The target audience is staff from UK Further and Higher Education with an interest in the resource dissemination of learning resources (for example Open Educational Resources, OERs) and building services for their discovery, especially those people involved in JISC projects and services. If demand is high priority will be given to this audience. The webinar will start at 15:00 UK time and run for about 2 hours. More info Register 20120727 20120727 online CAA 2012 – Pre-Conference Workshop http://caaconference.co.uk/ We are organising a workshop to present the results of a number of recent projects on standards-based Assessment through the QTI-PET project, on the day before the CAA 2012 conference (http://caaconference.co.uk/ ), at the same venue. 20120709 20120709 Southampton Institutional Web Management Workshop 2012 (IWMW 2012) http://iwmw.ukoln.ac.uk/iwmw2012/ The Institutional Web Management Workshop (IWMW) event provides an opportunity for those involved in the provision of institutional Web services to hear about institutional case studies, national initiatives and emerging technologies and to actively participate in a number of parallel sessions. The IWMW series of events was launched by UKOLN in 1997 and has been held annually ever since, providing those involved in the provision of institutional Web management services with an opportunity to update their skills and share their experiences with their peers. JISC CETIS Staff are contributing to a number of sessions: Phil Barker Session: What Can schema.org Offer the Web Manager? Martin Hawksey Talk: Data Visualisation: A Taster Session: Data Visualisation Kitchen Sheila MacNeill Session: Developing Digital Literacies and the Role of Institutional Support Services Mark Power Sessions: Mobilising WordPress Sessions: Identifying and Responding to Emerging Technologies More details and booking 20120618 20120620 Edinburgh Dev8ed http://devcsi.ukoln.ac.uk/dev8ed A two-day event for developers and others with an interest in educational widgets, content, data and assessment. This is a joint DevCSI / CETIS event organised with UKOLN . 20120529 20120530 Aston Business School Conference Centre, Birmingham Webinar: The future of web applications http://www.jisc.ac.uk/events/2012/05/webinarwebapplications.aspx Webinar: The future of web applications Connecting the personal, mobile and institutional Wednesday 9th May 13.30-14.30 This webinar will include an introduction to current developments exploring the potential to extend the Virtual Learning Environment and will provide an overview of the JISC Observatory report Delivering Web to Mobile. A short overview of the JISC Distributed Virtual Learning Environment (DVLE) programme will be followed by a a demonstration of the widgets developed by the Widg@t project and the Edukapp store project which is developing an Education app store for the UK. The session will conclude with an opportunity to ask questions. Presenters Scott Wilson, Assistant Director, JISC CETIS Sheila MacNeill, Assistant Director, JISC CETIS Fridolin Wild, Edukapp project, Open University Franck Perrin, Widg@t project, The webinar forms part of the Jisc webinar series http://www.jisc.ac.uk/events.aspx 20120509 20120509 Vocabularies for Education and Skills - Improving Availability, Access and Reuse http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Vocabularies_Event_March_2012 This will be an open meeting to bring together people who share a desire to increase the availability, access and reuse of vocabularies (code or term lists etc) in machine-readable forms and published to persistent locations on the web. It is being organised in association with the Vocabularies SIG of the Information Standards Board for education, skills and childrens services. Attendees, who will have an interest in practical action, will generally fit into at least one of three categories: people who have vocabularies they wish to make more available; people who need existing vocabularies to expressed in an appropriate technical format; people with the technical expertise to realise the vision. Please see the agenda for more information. Since a per-person cost is entailed, a limited number of places have been pre-booked so please contact me if either you need to withdraw or the meeting is showing full. 20120307 20120307 Maple House, Birmingham JISC CETIS Conference 2012 http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Conference_2012_Programme In 2001 Michael Lewis published his seminal book “Next: The Future Just Happened” which considered the impact evolving technology would have on all aspects of our lives. Ten years on technology offers incredible opportunities for teaching and learning and how our educational institutions function. But 2012 will also be a time of unprecedented change in Higher Education in the UK. September will see students funding their own way through university, and universities operating in a new market place. This year’s JISC CETIS conference will explore the future technological challenges and opportunities for our education system. The conference is now full. A delegate list is available here . 20120222 20120223 Nottingham, United Kingdom | National College for School Leadership Learning Registry UK contributors and JLeRN event http://jisc.cetis.ac.uk/events/register.php?id=290 Event for institutions interested in contributing metadata/ paradata/ resources to the Learning Registry - will be briefing and discussions or hackday and codebash. 20120123 20120123 Manchester. Mimas DVLE Programme Showcase Webinar http://jisc.cetis.ac.uk/events/register.php?id=291 Join us for a virtual brown bag lunch session where the W2C project (MMU) and the SLEP (Univeristy of Southampton will give an overview of the work they have been doing in creating mobile web services and apps for staff and students as part of the JISC Distributed Virtual Learning Environments (DVLE) programme. 20120113 20120113 http://emea92334157.adobeconnect.com/r2gnhmt07y4/ The future of Leap2A portfolio interoperability http://jisc.cetis.ac.uk/events/register.php?id=257 This meeting will explore the consensus on the next steps forward for Leap2A, the specification for e-portfolio portability and interoperability, and will be vital to informing decisions about its future funding and governance. Is the limiting factor on interoperability now actually the coherence and consistency of related practice? We will be inviting practitioners to discuss ways forward together with developers. 20111125 20111125 University of Aston, Lakeside Centre Enhancing and creating student centred portfolios in VLEs http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/elearningpedagogy/elpconference11/Activity%20Week.aspx Part of the JISC online conference pre-activity week, this webinar will demonstrate a number of portfolio centric integrations and widgets being developed as part of the JISC DVLE Programme. Registration is through the JISC conference site http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/elearningpedagogy/elpconference11.aspx 20111118 20111118 online Using Service Design in HE and FE http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Using_Service_Design_in_HE_and_FE This event is open to anyone in HE and FE interested in using service design to improve the student experience in HE and FE. It will focus on the mid to latter stages, i.e. blueprinting and implementation/trialling of improvements. (Please note that staff from HE and FE related organisations will allocated space on this event first). 20111117 20111117 Conference Aston, Birmingham 2nd ArchiMate Modelling Bash http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/2nd_ArchiMate_modelling_bash We'd like to invite you all to a two day archimate modeling bash at St. Andrew's University. The main objective of the 'bash is simply to let you work on a bit of modeling of your choosing with as many colleagues and experts on hand as possible. Learning by doing, together. There is also an introduction to the ArchiMate language in the morning. While many of the participants are likely to be from the JISC's Flexible Service Delivery programme, we're keen to involve ArchiMate modelers from other sectors and places as well. 20111101 20111102 St. Andrews Design Bash http://cloudworks.ac.uk/cloudscape/view/2335 Building on the model of previous design bashes, this event will provide an opportunity for those creating learning design systems and learning designs to come together in hands-on way to explore ways of sharing, storing and finding learning designs. We also hope to involve those involved with building and using tools and standards dealing with course information e.g. describing learning opportunities (xcri), and competencies. 20110930 20110930 OUCS, University of Oxford Researching Learning in Immersive Virtual Environments 2011 http://www.open.ac.uk/research-conferences/relive11/p3.shtml External Event 20110921 20110921 Preparing for the thaw http://altc2011.alt.ac.uk/talks/22314 Workshop 1017 at the ALT Conference in Leeds. The workshop will use the seven questions methodology to help practitioners and those with an institutional and policy role to stimulate creative discussion in their institutions. Registration via ALT-C. 20110908 20110908 ALT-C Conference University of Leeds NMC Horizon.JISC Project Final Workshop http://www.alt.ac.uk/events/nmc-horizon-jisc-project During the last few months the New Media Consortium (NMC, http://www.nmc.org/), who have for a number of years produced an annual Horizon Report in association with EDUCAUSE, have been conducting a study from the perspective of UK universities and colleges. This has been undertaken with the support of JISC and the involvement of a panel of thought leaders from our community as the Advisory Board. This workshop is to engage people with responsibility for operational or strategic development of learning technologies in universities and colleges to discuss the findings of this Horizon Project and to map out the key challenges, gaps etc and consider desirable actions - guidance, support or investment by sector bodies, collaboration, etc... - to overcome the obstacles and accelerate our exploitation of new opportunities. Please register via the ALT-C site, using the Agenda link below ; this workshop is a free pre-conference workshop associated with ALT-C 2011. 20110905 20110905 University of Leeds Advances in Open Systems for Learning Resources http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Advances_in_Open_Systems_for_Learning_Resources Encouraged by recent initiatives promoting the release of openly licensed educational resources there have been considerable developments in the innovative use of repositories, content management systems and web based tools to manage and share materials for teaching and learning. This event will invite developers and implementers of open repositories, content management systems and other tools to present and discuss recent updates to their systems and their application to learning resources. This event will form part of the University of Edinburgh's Repository Fringe . Both the Repository Fringe and the CETIS event are free to attend 20110805 20110805 Informatics Forum, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh IMS LTI and LIS in action http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/DVLE_Support#Meetings Online session with demonstrations of IMS LTI/Basic LTI and IMS LIS. The session will start at 2pm on July 7 and will last approximately 1.5 hours. NB IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS REGISTERING, JUST GO TO THE ROOM URL AT 2PM 20110707 20110708 http://emea92334157.adobeconnect.com/r9lacqlg5ub/ QTI 2.1 Roadshow at the CAA http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/IMS_Question_and_Test_Interoperability_roadshow_agenda Creating question items and tests takes time and effort. That's why making assessment material independent of tools and sharable with others is so important. The IMS QTI specification is designed to make this possible, and in this workshop we'll outline what practical tools and support are available to practitioners now. In order to provide as many people as possible with an opportunity to participate, we'll be organising the workshop in both central Scotland and this one, just before the CAA conference in Southampton . 20110704 20110704 DeVere Grand Harbour Hotel West Quay Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 1AG (room TBA) QTI 2.1 Roadshow North http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/index.php?title=Roadshow_in_Glasgow_on_June_23 Creating question items and tests takes time and effort. That's why making assessment material independent of tools and sharable with others is so important. The IMS QTI specification is designed to make this possible, and in this workshop we'll outline what practical tools and support are available to practitioners now. In order to provide as many people as possible with an opportunity to participate, we'll be organising the workshop in both southern England and central Scotland. 20110623 20110623 Room 5.13, Graham Hills Building, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, http://www.strath.ac.uk/maps/grahamhillsbuilding/ QTI 2.1 Roadshow South http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/IMS_Question_and_Test_Interoperability_roadshow_agenda Creating question items and tests takes time and effort. That's why making assessment material independent of tools and sharable with others is so important. The IMS QTI specification is designed to make this possible, and in this workshop we'll outline what practical tools and support are available to practitioners now. In order to provide as many people as possible with an opportunity to participate, we'll be organising the workshop in both southern England and central Scotland. 20110621 20110621 Kingston University Open Educational Resources (OER) Hackday http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/OER_Hack_Days A two-day event hacking content, systems and services for open educational resources. This is a joint DevCSI / CETIS event organised with UKOLN . 20110331 20110401 Manchester Widget Bash - Developing and using web apps, widgets and gadgets http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Widgetbash Interested in web apps, widgets gadgets? Have a great idea but not sure how to build a widget? Not sure how to deploy and install it in your VLE? Then this is the event for you! This 2 day event will provide widget building tutorials from the Apache Wookie (incubating ) team, examples of developments of institutional approaches to building and deploying a range widgets and mobile applications from the current JISC DVLE programme and the EC funded ITEC project. 20110323 20110324 University of Bolton The benefits of Open Standards session at the JISC conference http://www.jisc.ac.uk/events/2011/03/jisc11/programme/2openstandards.aspx This session at the JISC conference will explore what information standards are and will identify key ways in which they could save universities and colleges money and free up resources for use elsewhere by streamlining routine processes. Registration via the JISC site http://www.jisc.ac.uk/events/2011/03/jisc11/registration.aspx . 20110315 20110315 BT Convention Centre Liverpool Introducing Archi session at the JISC conference http://www.jisc.ac.uk/events/2011/03/jisc11/programme/workshopsmonday/2enterpricearchitecture.aspx Archi is a JISC funded, open source tool developed for newcomers to ArchiMate and Enterprise modelling. This free tool is aimed at those making their first steps with the ArchiMate language for modelling their organisational architecture. The session will include a short introduction and demonstration of the Archi tool. Registration via JISC site http://www.jisc.ac.uk/events/2011/03/jisc11/registration.aspx 20110314 20110314 BT Convention Centre Liverpool BSI/JISC CETIS Accessibility Standards Workshop http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Accessibility_SIG_Meeting_28th_February_2011 This informal workshop, jointly organised in collaboration with BSI (British Standards Institution) and JISC CETIS, takes advantage of the presence in the UK of a number of international standards developers and strategists to foster discussion and exchange between communities around recent and ongoing international and UK work in Accessibility Standards. 20110228 20110228 London Assessment and Feedback http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/index.php?title=Assessment_and_Feedback One day event looking at a range of topics around assessment and feedback, jointly hosted by JISC CETIS and the Making Assessment Count project. 20110202 20110202 Glasgow DVLE Programme, Phase 1 project showcase http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/DVLE_Support This online event will showcase outputs from the three strand A projects of the current JISC DVLE (Distributed virtual learning environments)programme (http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/elearning/distributedvle.aspx). The meeting is primarily for projects in the programmme, however it is open to anyone interested the area of widget/app development. The meeting will start at 2pm. 20110125 20110125 http://emea92334157.emea.acrobat.com/r45868423/ Competency standards: a programme for CEN WS-LT (et al.) http://wiki.teria.no/display/compsig/wslt-day2 This is Day 2 of the 3rd Annual meeting of the European Competency SIG meeting in the area of competency-based, technology-enhanced learning, and is by invitation only. Registration is now closed. If you wish to attend but are not registered, please contact Erlend Øverby - phone: +4790129642, email: erlend.overby@hypatia.no 20101201 20101201 DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V. Burggrafenstraße 6, Berlin, Germany Experts Summit for Outcome Based Education http://wiki.teria.no/display/compsig/expert-summit-day1 This is Day 1 of the 3rd Annual meeting of the European Competency SIG meeting in the area of competency-based, technology-enhanced learning and is by invitation only. Registration is now closed. If you wish to attend but are not registered, please contact Erlend Øverby - phone: +4790129642, email: erlend.overby@hypatia.no 20101130 20101130 Sorat Ambassador Hotel, Bayreuther Straße 42, Berlin JISC CETIS Conference 2010 http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Conference_2010_Programme JISC CETIS Conference 2010 20101115 20101116 National College for School Leadership, Nottingham Webinar on IMS LTI developments http://emea92334157.emea.acrobat.com/p37455842/ Primarily aimed at the current DVLE programme, this webinar will provide an update on all current developments relating to IMS LTI. Dr Chuck Severance will be presenting an overview of the area. The meeting will start at 3.30pm on 2 November and run for approximately an hour and a half. 20101102 20101102 online event Competence structures and portfolio tools http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Competence_structures_and_portfolio_tools_2010 This meeting aims to bring the people together who can move forward towards implementing a specification for representing skill or competence structures, and using them within e-portfolio and other related tools. This is a vital step forwards both for portfolio tools and also for the practical usefulness of skill and competence definitions. 20101021 20101021 Telford Campus of the University of Wolverhampton What metadata is really useful? http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Event:_what_metadata_is_really_required This meeting will focus on looking at what data we have (or could acquire) to answer the question of what metadata is really required to support the discovery, selection, use and management of educational resources. Data may come from user surveys of how people look for educational content, from analysis of application profiles or actual metadata records to show what information repository managers find it useful to provide, or from referrer and query logs showing how people (attempt to?) find resources. 20101018 20101018 Brettenham House, London (near Waterloo Bridge). The Future of Interoperability Standards - Technical Approaches http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Future_of_Interoperability_Standards_September_2010 This event, the second in a workshop/discussion series on the "future of interoperability standards" is of interest to those directly involved with the development of formal or informal interoperability specifications and standards, especially in education but also in the research and cultural heritage domains. Whereas previously the emphasis was on policy and process and the relationship between formal and informal standards-development models, this time we will focus on the technical approaches to creating standards: how should we model and document standards. This could include questions of structure/segmentation, arguments about application of semantic web approaches, application models in relation to core models, how to handle statements about conformance. Please visit the "Agenda" page for more information and an invitation to submit position papers. NB: you can still submit a paper or notify us of a blog post etc even if you do not wish or are not able to attend. 20100924 20100924 Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, London. http://www.rsc.org/AboutUs/Contacts/BH.asp DLE Technologies in Use http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/DLE_technologies_in_use_September_2010 This meeting is primarily for projects from the DVLE and FSD programmes to share their development approaches and to have in-depth discussions around specific implementation/development issues. If you are not involved in either of these programmes, but would like to attend the meeting, please email Sheila MacNeill (s.macneill@strath.ac.uk) about availability. 20100914 20100914 University of Bolton Design Bash http://lams2010.lamsfoundation.org/ This event will follow the European LAMS conference (15 July 2010) at the University of Oxford. Building on the model of previous design bashes, this event will provide an opportunity for those creating learning design systems and learning designs to come together in hands-on way to explore ways of sharing, storing and finding learning designs. More information and registration is available at the LAMS website - url below. Online participation is available via the Design Bash Cloudworks site http://www.cloudworks.ac.uk/cloud/view/3764 20100716 20100716 University of Oxford PIOP 3 - 2nd meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/PIOP_3_2010-07 This is the second and final meeting for the PIOP 3 projects (that run from February to July 2010) where decisions will be made to finalise revisions of Leap2A and plan the way ahead. 20100715 20100715 MyKnowledgeMap offices, York IMS QTI Interoperability Demonstration follow up http://jisc.cetis.ac.uk/events/register.php?id=262 This is an invitation only event for the QTI working group. 20100708 20100708 Online OER Gathering http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/OER_Gathering CETIS are organising a one-day event to support the development of collections of open education resources. The day will look at technical issues around collecting and using third-party OER content in your repository (drawing on the work of the ICoper project) and look at issues around creating and providing dynamic collections of OERs. Technologies in scope for the day include selective RSS/ATOM aggregation, providing search interfaces to third-party hosts or repositories, and integrating with other services such as annotation or commentary services which might be relevant to creating a dynamic collection of OERs relevant to a specific theme of interest to learners. The day will include short presentations of existing tools, opportunities to test the interoperability of syndicated content and services, and exploration of developer challenges relating to these. Bring a laptop and code if you are interested in presenting, demonstrating or testing interoperability on the day; we will provide internet access and opportunity for you and other developers to work together. 20100622 20100622 University of Strathclyde, Glasgow Mobile tech http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Mobile_Tech_Meeting_15th_June_2010 With the modern student looking to be able to learn wherever and whenever they want, the rapidly evolving area of mobile technology now sees such improvements in devices, network capabilities and affordability to make these opportunities a reality. This event will look at what is being done with mobile devices to support teaching and learning and discuss the further potential. From student activity in the field, to the opportunity of widening access to institutional services and on to a future technological landscape populated by tablets and augmented reality. This event is free to attend. 20100615 20100615 University of Bolton IMS QTI Interoperability Demonstration Preview http://jisc.cetis.ac.uk/events/register.php?id=243 IMS QTI project group meeting. 20100610 20100610 Glasgow Third QTI Profiling working group meeting http://jisc.cetis.ac.uk/events/register.php?id=239 Third meeting of the QTI Profiling working group. This meeting is by invitation only, if you are interested in participating please contact Rowin. 20100426 20100426 Online Repositories and the Open Web http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Repositories_and_the_Open_Web Are repositories really the best way to manage teaching and learning materials? This event offers repository managers and others interested in the management and dissemination learning materials, including but not limited to open educational resources to discuss their experiences. 20100419 20100419 Birkbeck College, Malet St, London XCRI at the JISC Annual Conference http://jisc.cetis.ac.uk/events/register.php?id=218 A session on XCRI at JISC Annual Conference. 20100412 20100413 London Rethinking assessment – assessment 2.0 http://jisc.cetis.ac.uk/events/register.php?id=241 A half-day event providing an opportunity to learn about recent work on redefining assessment in the Web 2.0 environment, co-hosted by CETIS and the Scottish eAssessment Group. 20100324 20100324 University of Strathclyde, Glasgow Distributed learning environments - re-inventing the VLE http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/DleMarch2010 This meeting will focus on the area of distributed VLE technologies including Widgets and provide a focus for discussion on the future of the VLE, and its relationship with PLEs. 20100304 20100304 Aston Business School, Birmingham CETIS QTI Profiling Working Group meeting http://jisc.cetis.ac.uk/events/register.php?id=234 Second meeting of the CETIS QTI Profiling Working Group. 20100302 20100302 Online PIOP 3 First Meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/PIOP_3_2010-02-23 For the PIOP 3 projects working on the development of LEAP2A 20100223 20100223 University of Derby QTI Profiling Working Group Meeting http://jisc.cetis.ac.uk/events/register.php?id=217 Inaugural meeting of the CETIS QTI Profiling Working Group which aims to develop a QTI profile for the representation of assessment content. 20100128 20100128 Aston Business School Conference Centre, Aston, Birmingham The Future of Interoperability and Standards in Education http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Future_of_Interoperability_Standards_Meeting_2010 This event will bring together participants in range of standards organisations and communities to take a critical look at the future for interoperability standards in the education sector. 20100112 20100112 Bolton Service Design http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/index.php?title=Service_Design_18th_December_2009 An introduction to service design, including blueprinting, examples, and techniques. 20091218 20091218 University of Derby Semantic Technologies: which way now? http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Semtech10Dec09 This open meeting of the CETIS Semantic Technologies Working Group will discuss the outputs of the recently completed SemTech Project and potential future activities focused on the application of semantic technologies to the domain of teaching and learning. 20091210 20091210 Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Strathclyde, 40 George Street, Glasgow Introduction to Modelling http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Modelling workshop The focus of the modelling world is now shifting from a purely technical perspective to a more holistic approach. Due to increased interest in modelling; the necessity of using comprehensive modelling tools has become fashionable now. This workshop aims to address the importance of modelling and introduce to different modelling languages. 20091208 20091208 Birmingham Skills and Competencies – towards a common model to guide the next new work items for standardisation http://sites.google.com/site/competencydriven/ 2nd annual meeting of the European Competency SIG, in co-laboration with the ICOPER project 20091201 20091201 Berlin JISC Innovating eLearning 2009 http://www.jisc.ac.uk/elpconference09 Thriving, not just surviving - 2009 JISC online conference 20091124 20091127 online event Portfolio interoperability and LEAP2A development http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/LEAP2_2009-11-23 First, this meeting will provide a showcase for current LEAP2A implementations, and real portability of portfolio information. Second, it allow discussion about how LEAP2A should be taken forward, including the tricky area of governance. And thirdly, it will brief people on a likely call for further PIOP work, to be undertaken from February to July 2010. 20091123 20091123 Maple House, Birmingham Joint CETIS TenCompetence Project Design Bash http://www.tencompetence.org CETIS Design bash as part of the TenCompetence project conference in Manchester 19 November 2009 20091119 20091119 Manchester JISC CETIS Conference 2009 http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Conference_2009_Programme The 6th annual JISC CETIS conference "A Brave New World?" It aims to provide a space to reflect on the successes and challenges of the previous year, to look into the future, to speculate, and to consider the interventions needed to realise the information systems for teaching and learning into the future. 20091110 20091111 The Lakeside, Conference Aston,Birmingham Joint JISC CETIS and eAssessment Association meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/cetiseaa09 Good practice in eassessment across the UK education sectors. 20091027 20091027 Collins Building, University of Strathclyde, Richmond Street, Glasgow G1 Widget meet-up http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Widgetmeetup_Oct09 This is a one day meetup for people who are interested in creating Widgets, sharing ideas about Widgets, and turning applications into Widget containers. 20091013 20091013 University of London Student Union XCRI Meeting -MMU Business School http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/XCRI_Meeting_at_MMU This meeting will be an introductory event for the LifeLong Learning Network projects that are interested in XCRI and focus on the recently completed XCRI projects(BoXCRIp,HudXCRI,UWXCRI). We hope it will be an informative event and are looking forward to see you. 20090907 20090907 MMU Business School -Aytoun Buiding Competences for learning, assessment and portfolio http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Competences_2009-07-01 What frameworks of knowledge, skill or competence are used with learning technology - for example, in medical education - and how do current tools deal with them? 20090701 20090701 Manchester Metropolitan University Business School DIVERSE 2009 http://www.aber.ac.uk/diverse/ The DIVERSE Conference focuses on the effective uses of video and videoconferencing in education. 20090624 20090626 Aberystwyth University in Wales ISKO UK Conference 2009 http://www.iskouk.org/conf2009/index.htm It is the first biennial Conference of the British Chapter of the International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO UK) entitled "Content Architecture: Exploiting and Managing Diverse Resources", and is organized in cooperation with the School of Library, Archives and Information Studies, University College London. 20090622 20090623 London Learning Forum London and ePortfolio 2009 http://www.epforum.eu/ This year's event main theme is "Innovation, Creativity and Accountability." 20090622 20090624 City University, Northampton Square, London EC1V 0HB Institutional Policies and Procedures for Dealing with Plagiarism http://www.brookes.ac.uk/aske/events.html! This one day event will explore current isues in dealing with cases of student plagiarism. 20090604 20090604 Oxford Brookes University e-Inclusion Scotland ’09: Making Sense of Inclusion in e-Learning http://www.rsc-sw-scotland.ac.uk/SpecialEvents.htm "Hosted by the two Scottish RSCs in collaboration with JISC TechDis, this full day event is for the “movers and groovers” in Scottish tertiary education, supporting accessibility and e-inclusion." 20090527 20090527 Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, Scotland Curriculum Design Archimate Workshop http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Archimate_Workshop A one day workshop to learn more about the use of the Archimate modelling language for curriculum design processes. The event is intended for projects in the Curriculum Design programme. 20090519 20090519 University of Bolton Accessibility SIG Meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Accessibility_SIG_Meeting_13th_May_2009 Please note registration is now closed. However, if you are interested in being put on the reserve list, please e-mail me: s. perry @ bolton. ac. uk (remove spaces). 20090513 20090513 Technium CAST, Bangor. Hidden and Misunderstood? Experiences of Disability Support for Learners in Post-16 Education http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/resources/detail/RSS_BristolCollege_070509 The seminar explores a range of themes which were considered by the learners to affect their successful participation in education. 20090507 20090507 City of Bristol College, Bristol Beyond Walls http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/ltg/events/beyond2009/ An opportunity to discuss issues surrounding the growth and expansion of institutional audio-visual work. 20090403 20090403 Oxford Shock of digital Literacy http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/ltg/events/shock2009/ New skills and knowledge required by students and staff in the digital age. 20090402 20090402 Oxford JISC Conference http://www.jisc.ac.uk/jiscconference09 JISC Annual Conference 20090324 20090324 Edinburgh Widget working group http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Educational_Content_widgetsworkinggroup 2nd meeting of the widget working group 20090323 20090323 EICC, Edinburgh Accessibility and Inclusion in e-Assessment and Learning http://www.e-assess.co.uk/Accessibility/accessibility.html Day Two of the 2009 e-Assessment Question conference will focus on the issues surrounding assessment and how the technology can address the challenges and opportunities with regard to accessibility and inclusion. 20090319 20090319 Shaw Theatre and Novotel, St Pancras, London Supporting Students with Disabilities - Accessing Multimedia Content http://www.bufvc.ac.uk/courses/course_details.html This course from BUFCV (British Universities Film and Video Council) addresses the problems of providing online access to resources for students with disabilities, with a particular emphasis on multimedia resources. 20090312 20090312 London Effective strategies for using technology to enhance lifelong learning http://www.jisc.ac.uk/Home/whatwedo/programmes/elearningcapital/lifelonglear ningsymposium A one-day symposium to explore how further and higher education institutions and their partners (via JISC-funded projects) have been using technology to support different aspects of lifelong learning. 20090304 20090304 Conference Aston, Lakeside Centre, Birmingham CETIS OER/OU OpenLearn meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/EC-SIG-OER_270209 The first event of JIS CETIS Open Educational Resources and the OER working group meeting. 20090227 20090227 Open University (Milton Keynes) Portfolio interoperability trials http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/PIOP_testing_meeting_2009-02-25 The PIOP partner projects will meet to test their LEAP2A exports and imports together. 20090225 20090225 The Media Centre, Huddersfield Free EASI Webinar: Distance Learning - How Accessible are Online Educational Tools http://easi.cc/clinic.htm EASI (Equal Access to Software and Information) are running a free webinar on the accessibility issues of VLEs (Virtual Learning Environments) following on from a survey by the AFB (American Foundation for the Blind). 20090225 20090225 Online eReturn – using ePortfolios to support women returners to employment http://www.alt.ac.uk/workshop_detail.php?e=321 Two one-day events to disseminate the work of the JISC-funded eReturn project 20090224 20090225 Aston Business School - Birmingham JISC E-portfolio workshop http://www.netskills.ac.uk/workshop/4240 This workshop will explore what we mean by e-portfolios and how e-portfolios can support learning. 20090202 20090202 Newcastle Widget working group start up meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Educational_Content_widgetsworkinggroup Widget working group start up meeting 20090128 20090128 Room D1-036, Bolton University http://www.bolton.ac.uk/AboutUs/CampusMaps.aspx JISC CETIS Assessment SIG meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Assessment_SIG_270109 Next meeting of the JISC CETIS Assessment special interest group - details to follow. 20090127 20090127 University of Strathclyde, Glasgow EASI Cascading Style Sheets: What They Are and How they Affect Accessibility http://easi.cc/clinic.htm In this public webinar, EASI (Equal Access to Software and Information) will provide a general overview of CSS, including basic techniques. 20090127 20090127 Online Event Assitivity: Empowering Diverse Students with Technology http://www.learninglab.org.uk Using real-life examples of technologies in action, speakers will introduce a range of concepts and solutions. 20090121 20090121 Learning Lab, Telford Making the most of peer assessment http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/physsci/events/detail/2009/peer_assessment Joint meeting of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Subject Centre and the WebPA project. 20090121 20090121 Manchester Conference Centre, Manchester Maximising the effectiveness of virtual worlds in teaching and learning http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/CETIS-Eduserv-VW2009 Joint JISC CETIS/Eduserv event looking at developments around using virtual worlds in education. 20090116 20090116 University of Strathclyde EASI Creating Accessible Forms for the Web http://easi.cc/clinic.htm In this public Webinar, EASI (Equal Access to Software and Information) will be covering the most essential knowledge and accessibility technique that every HTML developer should know in order to make web-based forms accessible. 20090113 20090113 Online Event Social Media Tools for Student Engagement http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/1340641/ The aim of the event is to provide a forum to enable sharing of experiences and innovation in this area and to build links with colleagues at other universities. 20081201 20081201 Frenchay Campus, Coldharbour Lane Bristol, England Bidding and winning: the secrets of successful learning technology project bids http://www.alt.ac.uk/workshop_detail.php?e=316 A very popular and useful workshop on bid writing from ALT. 20081127 20081127 National College for School Leadership (NCSL), Nottingham. Portfolio interoperability projects startup meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/PIOP_startup_meeting_2008-11-27 Meeting for the 7 partner projects, Nov 2008 - March 2009 20081127 20081127 Maple House, Birmingham JISC CETIS Conference 2008 http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Conference_2008_Programme This will be the fifth JISC CETIS Conference 20081125 20081126 Lakeside Conference Centre, Aston eAssessment in Practice http://www.cranfield.ac.uk/dcmt/symposia/eaip08.jsp Discuss concerns on eassessment and help shape the future of the domain. 20081125 20081126 DCMT Shrivenham Researching Learning in Virtual Environments http://www.open.ac.uk/relive08/ The conference has four broad themes: crossing boundaries and making connections, opportunities and challenges of virtual worlds for learning and teaching, approaches to research, and implementing and sustaining innovation. 20081120 20081121 Open University, Milton Keynes The Eighth CRA Residential http://www.recordingachievement.org/events/detail.asp?eventid=136 (to follow) 20081120 20081121 Days Hotel and Conference Centre, Manchester JISC Innovating e-Learning 2008 http://www.jisc.ac.uk/elpconference08 Learning in a digital age - Are we prepared? 20081104 20081107 JISC Online Conference: Innovating e-Learning 2008 Learning in a digital age – are we prepared? http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/elearning_pedagogy/elpconference08/programme.aspx This important conference for practitioners and managers embedding e-learning into their practice focuses on the tension between The tried and tested and the wholly innovative. e-Learning may now have established a foothold in learning and teaching, but are the demands of delivering the curriculum restricting its innovative potential? How can we plan to ensure the best possible e-enhancement of learning in the future? 20081104 20081107 ePortfolio and Digital Identity 2008 http://events.eife-l.org/ep2008/ ePortfolio and Digital Identity 2008 is the 6th edition of the key international event for the growing community of professionals interested in, and working with, ePortfolios and digital identities. It brings together policy-makers, researchers, teachers, trainers, human resource managers and technologists. As a thematic event devoted to one domain, it allows an in-depth and broad exploration of the issues - and results in real outcomes. 20081022 20081024 Maastricht XCRI end/start meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/XCRI_end_start_meeting Presentations on the projects that have completed XCRI implementation phase and welcome the new projects that are into XCRI. 20081002 20081002 University of Bolton E-portfolio interoperability http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/E-Portfolio_interoperability_2008-09-30 Review of current work and briefing for further JISC funding. 20080930 20080930 Manchester Museum, Conference Room eAssessment Development: principles and practice http://www.btl.com/pdfs/btl_alphaplusworkshop_courseoutline.pdf Comprehensive course on planning, designing and structuring effective eassessments from BTL and AlphaPlus. 20080924 20080925 Shipley, UK IMS Quarterly Meeting http://www.imsglobal.org/sept2008meeting.html The September Quarterly is being hosted by JISC and all sessions are open to non-members of IMS. Most of the sessions are of broad interest. 20080915 20080919 Aston Lakeside, Birmingham, UK Questionmark European Users Conference 2008 http://www.questionmark.com/uk/conference/index.aspx Annual opportunity for QuestionMark's European users to meet and learn. 20080914 20080916 London Fair For All http://www.dmu.ac.uk/aboutdmu/services/hr/apdu/conferences_and_events/Conferences.jsp Practical strategies for equality and inclusivity 20080911 20080911 De Montfort University, Leicester ALT-C 2008 http://www.alt.ac.uk/altc2008/ Rethinking the digital divide 20080909 20080911 Improving Student Learning - through the curriculum. http://www.brookes.ac.uk/services/ocsld/isl/isl2008/index.html The theme for this symposium – “through the curriculum” – will challenge contributors to consider the role of course design in improving student learning in the ‘taught’ curriculum as well as the effects of the wider, ‘hidden’ curriculum. 20080901 20080903 University of Durham EARLI/Northumbria Assessment Conference 2008 http://www.iqb.hu-berlin.de/veranst/enac2008 Within the general theme of 'challenging assessment', the conference covers the themes of standards-based assessment, eassessment, measuring and modelling performances, consequences and contexts of assessment and learning-orientated assessment. 20080827 20080829 Berlin/Potsdam Improving University Teaching 2008 http://www.iutconference.org/index.htm Transforming higher education & learning in the 21st century. 20080729 20080801 University of Strathclyde, Glasgow IADIS eLearning 2008 http://www.elearning-conf.org/ This conference covers both technical as well as the non-technical aspects of e-Learning. 20080722 20080725 Amsterdam International CAA Conference 2008 http://www.caaconference.com/ The International CAA Conference is a vehicle dedicated to research matters in eassessment. 20080708 20080709 Burleigh Court International Conference Centre, University of Loughborough Learning from the Learners' Experience http://web-dev-csc.gre.ac.uk/conference/conf37/index.php Provides an opportunity for teachers, researchers and learners to listen to one another's experience and explore the nature of learning in today's society. 20080708 20080708 Old Royal Naval College Campus, University of Greenwich 2008 European LAMS conference http://lams2008.lamsfoundation.org/ The focus of the conference will be on practical benefits of Learning Design. What are the challenges for individuals and organisations? 20080625 20080627 Cadiz, Spain Learning Through Enquiry Alliance Conference 2008 http://www.shef.ac.uk/cilass/ltea2008.html Inquiry in a networked world 20080625 20080627 University of Sheffield Third International Plagiarism Conference http://www.plagiarismconference.co.uk/ Examines the challenges facing institutions as they evolve solutions to the issue of ensuring authenticity in learners' work in a changing information environment. 20080623 20080625 Third International Blended Learning Conference http://perseus.herts.ac.uk/uhinfo/info/blu/blu/events/blended-learning-conference-2008.cfm Enhancing the student experience 20080618 20080619 de Havilland Campus, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK Realising the potential: enabling participative learning http://www.staffs.ac.uk/tsl08conference/ This conference is firmly focused on learners and learning in Higher and Further Education. 20080609 20080609 Staffordshire University May EC SIG Meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/ECSIG_May08_meeting This meeting is now full. If you want to be put on the waiting list, please email s.macneill@strath.ac.uk. 20080527 20080527 University of Manchester Assessment meets Enterprise meets Portfolio http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Assessment-Enterprise-Portfolio_meeting_2008 This meeting will look at some of the areas of overlap between these three domains. 20080522 20080522 University of Strathclyde Grasping the Nettle:designing assessment to reduce plagiarism http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/events/detail/21_May_2008_Assessment_Event This one day seminar, hosted by the Academy JISC Academic Integrity Service and the Academy Assessment Team, will focus upon the role of assessment design in reducing opportunities for student plagiarism and collusion. 20080521 20080521 The Second Meeting on Institutional Policies and Procedures for Dealing with Plagiarism http://www.business.brookes.ac.uk/learningandteaching/aske/plagiarism-procedures.html This one day event will explore current issues in dealing with cases of student plagiarism. 20080520 20080520 Oxford Brookes University, Oxford CETIS Learning Design event http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/LearningdesignMay08 This event will focus on updates in the area of learning design, bringing together the work of the recent JISC Design for Learning programme and other initiatives working in the area of Learning Design (including IMS Learning Design) plus highlighting potential future directions. 20080520 20080520 Manchester The Use of Digital Storytelling in Higher Education http://www.glos.ac.uk/tli/lets/projects/pathfinder/event.cfm The use of digital storytelling in higher education and the findings from the Pathfinder project. 20080519 20080520 Centre for Active Learning, University of Gloucestershire London Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 7th International Conference http://www.city.ac.uk/ceap/sotlconference/index.html Conference Theme: SoTL Connect: the Challenge of Boundaries for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 20080515 20080516 The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Regent’s Park, London MDR SIG Meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/6th_May_2008%2C_Bolton Second 2008 meeting 20080506 20080506 University of Bolton e-Access '08 http://www.headstar-events.com/eaccess08/index.php E-Access Bulletin's fourth annual conference and exhibition on access to technology by people with disabilities, which will include a keynote on the British Standard for Developing Accessible Websites. 20080423 20080423 Church House Conference Centre, London JISC: Approaches to Modelling Higher Education http://survey.jisc.ac.uk/model The aim of the meeting is to share knowledge and experiences of domain and process modelling practices and techniques, and to showcase achievements and discuss any lessons learnt. The meeting will offer an international element where contributions will be given from the Ministry of Education New Zealand and the SURF Foundation, Netherlands. 20080423 20080423 Beacon House, 3rd Floor Meeting Room, Bristol Open Group 18th Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference http://www.opengroup.org/glasgow2008/ The 18th Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference in Glasgow will seek to detail the core elements of an Enterprise Architecture that provide the foundation for a dynamic and successful business environment. 20080420 20080423 Radisson Hotel, Glasgow JISC Conference 2008 - enabling innovation http://www.jisc.ac.uk/events/2008/04/jiscconference08.aspx JISC's annual conference 20080415 20080415 JISC E-textbook Debate http://www.jiscebooksproject.org/archives/146 As part of the National E-books Observatory Project and the first in a series of events for JISC’s Libraries of the Future programme, this event provides a unique opportunity to quiz a panel of experts and to openly debate the future role of the library in the provision of electronic textbooks. 20080414 20080414 Kingston Theatre, Austin Court, 80 Cambridge Street, Birmingham, B1 2NP Enterprise SIG Meeting: Scheduling and Personalisation http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Enterprise_Meeting_17 This meeting will focus on scheduling along with a look at a project, which is trying to link institution systems and personalised systems together. 20080404 20080404 University of Bolton Shock of the Old 7: web 2.0 and the connected future http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/ltg/events/shock2008/ Shock 7 will explore the issues arising from an increasingly connected future. 20080403 20080403 LMAP Expert Working Group Meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/LMAP_Expert_Working_Group Learning Materials Application Profile Scoping Study expert working group meeting. 20080305 20080305 University of Strathclyde, Glasgow Education Metadata development meeting http://jisc.cetis.ac.uk/events/register.php?id=155 Discussion of new developments in metadata for learning resources, e.g. DC-Ed and next generation LOM. Date TBC. 20080219 20080219 Joint Assessment and Educational Content SIGs meeting and Capital Programme workshop http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Assessment_and_EC_SIGs_meeting_Feb_2008 Workshop followed by SIG meeting exploring developments in content and assessment related specifications and innovative approaches to assessment. The workshop will showcase assessment tools currently being developed in the JISC Capital Programme. 20080218 20080219 University of Cambridge MDR SIG Meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/12th_February_2008%2C_Birkbeck MDR SIG meeting focusing on project updates from the JISC Repositories and preservation programme. 20080212 20080212 Birkbeck, University of London Portfolio SIG with Enterprise SIG http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Portfolio_SIG_e-admin_meeting This meeting will look at issues relating the Portfolio SIG and e-administration. 20080110 20080110 Manchester Metropolitan University JISC CETIS Conference 2007 http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Conference_2007_Programme Beyond Standards - Holistic Approaches to Educational Technology and Interoperability Note: This event is by invitation only 20071120 20071121 Lakeside Conference Centre, Aston RRT Repository SUMS workshop http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/repositories/digirep/index/Repository_Sums_workshop_October_31_2007 Workshop for repository projects to create a simple Service Usage Model 20071031 20071031 Portfolio SIG http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Portfolio_SIG_eP_LEAP_meeting This specification development meeting will include discussion of IMS ePortfolio revision plans and LEAP 2.0. 20071022 20071022 HEFCE, London Office, Centre Point, London JISC CETIS Assessment SIG meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/JISC_CETIS_Assessment_SIG_meeting%2C_26_September_2007 This meeting will look at new developments, news and updates on eassessment, and offer the chance to meet up with colleagues to share ideas and experiences. 20070926 20070926 Joint Eduserve/CETIS Meeting on Second Life in Education http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/EduservCETIS_20Sep2007 This meeting will feature the current Eduserv funded SL projects and discuss issues in using SL in higher education 20070920 20070920 16th Accessibility SIG Meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Accessibility_SIG_Meeting_24th_July_2007 Presentations on SVG, PebblePad, and Accessibility specs and standards. 20070724 20070724 Joint MDR and EC SIG meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/29_June_2007_MDR_EC_SIG_meeting This meeting will look at new ways of creating, sharing, storing and accessing educational content. 20070629 20070629 Portfolio SIG HE in FE http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Portfolio_SIG_HE_in_FE Identiyfing interoperablity requirements of the JISC HE in FE strand e-learning projects 20070621 20070621 Portfolio interoperability: strategy and policy http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Portfolio_SIG_at_Codebash_4_2007-06-08 We will seek consensus on a way forward for LEAP 2.0 and related issues. 20070608 20070608 Codebash 4 http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/CETIS_Wiki/CodeBash_4 CodeBash4 is a closed technical event which aims to test the functional interoperability of content-related systems and applications 20070607 20070608 Joint EC SIG and Pedagogy Forum meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/April_2007_Meeting Meeting focussing on the JISC Design for Learning Programme, with demonstrations from a number of projects 20070426 20070426 16th Enterprise SIG Meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Enterprise_Meeting_16_Agenda University of Nottingham (hosted by Sandra Kingston) 20070420 20070420 Metadata and Digital Repositories SIG Meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/16th_April_2007%2C_Manchester Meeting based on the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative 20070416 20070416 Assessment SIG meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Assessment_SIG_meeting_22_February_2007 The meeting is on 22 February at the University of Southampton, 10:30 - 4pm. 20070222 20070222 Southampton 15th Enterprise SIG Meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/15th_SIG_meeting The next Enterprise SIG Meeting will be held at Chester Zoo. 20070206 20070206 2nd Tencompetence Workshop http://www.tencompetence.org/node/73 The second Tencompetence Workshop 20070111 20070112 Manchester G-Mex Educational Content SIG http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Educational_Content The meeting will look at some recent developments in the content area. There will be an update on the current JISC Design for Learning programme and a presentation from the MOD4L project based at Glasgow Caledonian. 20061207 20061207 Glasgow Caledonian University Portfolio SIG meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/index.php/Portfolio We will be hearing from projects about the role of e-portfolio systems in their projects, about requirements in projects that are starting, and discussing the way forward for interoperability specifications in some detail. 20061205 20061205 The University of Chester Enterprise SIG meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Enterprise Description and date to be finalised 20061201 20061222 JISC-CETIS Conference 2006; Linking formal and informal learning http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/CETIS_Conference_2006 This year, the focus is going to be on the gap between learning within the (fire)wall of a well-established institution and learning on the wild web and beyond. 20061114 20061115 Lowry Centre, Salford, Greater Manchester Joint CETIS MDR/Assessment SIG Meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/12th_October_2006%2C_Glasgow The aim of the day is to explore the similarities in requirements and possible solutions between item banks and more traditional digital repositories 20061012 20061012 joint Enterprise and Portfolio meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/Enterprise_Meeting_14 This meeting will explore areas of common interest between the two SIGs, including portfolios, learner information and course information. It will consider the potential impacts for enhancing lifelong learning through transfering basic learner data (Enter 20060912 20060912 MDR SIG Meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/28th_June_2006%2C_Bath Summer meeting of the MDR SIG in Bath 20060628 20060628 Bath MDR SIG Meeting http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/1st_March_2006%2C_York Spring meeting of the MDR SIG in York 20060301 20060301 York