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Events: Open Scotland

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In collaboration with SQA, Jisc RSC Scotland and the ALT Scotland SIG, Cetis is hosting a one day summit focused on open education policy for Scotland. The event, which will bring together an invited group of senior managers, policy makers and key thinkers, will provide an opportunity for critical reflection on the national and global impact of open education. Open Scotland will also provide a forum for identifying shared strategic priorities and scoping further collaborative activities to work towards more integrated policies and practice and encourage greater openness in Scottish education. A background briefing paper The Benefits of Open, has also been drafted to inform discussions at the event.

Keynote: The Business and Policy Case for OER

The Open Scotland keynote will be presented by Dr Cable Green, Creative Commons Director of Global Learning.

The Internet, increasingly affordable computing, open licensing, open access journals and open educational resources provide the foundation for a world in which a quality education can be a basic human right. Yet before we break the "iron triangle" of access, cost and quality with new models, we need to develop sustainable open business models with open policies: public access to publicly funded resources. Dr. Cable Green, Director of Global Learning at Creative Commons, will discuss specific examples where institution, provinces / states and nations have built effective business cases for OER. He will also explore how to build effective teams for institution / system-wide OER projects in a way that both builds high quality OER and takes your institutions through the cultural shift to open.

Keynote livestream:


The Open Scotland agenda and further information can be found here.

Open Scotland is now fully subscribed, however Dr Cable Green's keynote will be streamed during the event and all outputs of the summit will be disseminated publicly under Creative Commons licence.

Date: 27 Jun 2013
Agenda: hyperlink
Contact: Lorna M. Campbell
Location: National Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh

Further Information

Further information about the aims and objectives of Open Scotland can be found here.

Registration for this event is currently closed. Please contact: Lorna M. Campbell

Problems registering? Please contact David Sherlock

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