The Jisc Cetis site is now archived. The current Cetis site is available at: Between 2006 and 2013 the Centre for Educational Technology, Interoperability and Standards was a Jisc funded service supporting Jisc Innovation programmes with events, publications and blog posts. Cetis now undertakes projects and research for a number of clients and partners. Cetis is based at the University of Bolton.
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Publications and Resources

Throughout the year JISC CETIS produces a number of reports and publications for the UK Higher and Further Education sectors. A selection of our recent publications can be found here. Resources in specific themes areas can be found on the topic pages.

Briefing Papers

Date: 28 Sep 11
This briefing paper by Wilbert Kraan and Li Yuan explores the risks and opportunities for Higher and Further education instituions that Cloud computing offers. updated September 2011.
Cloud Computing

Date: 05 Sep 11
Introduction to IMS Question and Test Interoperability v2.1.

Date: 01 Mar 11
An overview of the use of open web technologies in the development of mobile apps.
Mobile Learning

Date: 20 Oct 10
An overview of the Leap2A specification for portfolio portability and interoperability.
e-Portfolio (Technology) Portfolio

Date: 06 Sep 10
A briefing paper commissioned by JISC CETIS on Service Design. An output of the Student Lifecycle Relationship Management programme.
Relationship Management

Date: 01 Jul 10
A briefing paper by Lorna M. Campbell and Sheila MacNeill introducing the concepts of the Semantic Web, Semantic Technologies, Linked and Open Data.
Semantic Technologies

Date: 26 Feb 10
This briefing paper by Sheila MacNeill and Wilbert Kraan presents five models of how institutional Virtual Learning Environments might be extended.
Widgets Learning Platforms


Date: 25 May 11
This report is a summary of technology themes extracted from the major technology forecasting publications from business and other sectors that could conceivably be relevant to the UK higher education
Horizon Scan

Date: 20 Apr 11
A set of “takes” on trends and the future, material on which discourse and disputation may occur to make possible futures more clear.
Horizon Scan

Date: 20 Apr 11
A set of "takes" on trends and the future.
Horizon Scan

Date: 24 May 10
The CETIS OER Technical Support Project was funded by JISC to provide support to the JISC HEA Open Educational Resources Pilot Programme.
Open Educational Resources

Date: 29 Apr 10
The transcoder project set out to develop and trial a cloud based service that can change one type of educational content package into another (i.e. transcode).
Packaged Content

Date: 01 Aug 09
Final report of the Digital Repository programme support project and the Repository Research Team.
Resource Management

Date: 08 Apr 09
A collection of reports describing CETIS activity in, and assessment of the dynamics of, several standards-related bodies.

Date: 01 Mar 09
In March 2009 JISC CETIS conducted an informal Horizon Scan as an internal exercise in identifying areas of work to prioritise in the coming year.
Horizon Scan

Date: 05 Jan 09
Report by CETIS and UKOLN investigating the utility and value of ecology as a metaphor for describing complex systems.
Architecture and Modelling Resource Management

Date: 12 Sep 08
The approach of the LMAP Scoping Study was to recognize that a typical collection of learning materials is likely to include a wide range of resource types (e.g. images, web pages, digital media, assessment items) all of which require description.
Resource Description and Discovery

White Papers

Date: 26 Aug 10
A white paper by Simon Grant and Rowin Young.

Other Publications

Date: 24 May 11
An article reviewing the last 5 years of Leap2A development and the JISC portfolio interoperability pilot projects.

Date: 01 Jan 11
This paper summarises the Future of Interoperability Standards event that took place in January 2010 and brought together participants across a range of standards organisations and communities to look at the future of interoperability standards in the edu

Date: 18 Jan 10
Position papers and discussion explored the relationship between relatively informal and formal specs/standards activities and how a more effective system might work.

Date: 08 Oct 09
A case study of the use of ecological metaphor for modelling complex systems looking at the York St John repository
Architecture and Modelling Resource Management

Date: 23 Mar 09
An online publication for those involved in strategic planning, deployment, and implementation of IT systems in educational institutions.
Architecture and Modelling

Date: 11 Jan 09
An introduction to information standards and why they are important.

Date: 18 Mar 08
Adam Cooper reflects on the past 10 years of developments in educational technology standards and ponders the role of standards as we move "beyond this period of anticipatory standards."
Service Oriented Approaches Standards

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