The Jisc Cetis site is now archived. The current Cetis site is available at: Between 2006 and 2013 the Centre for Educational Technology, Interoperability and Standards was a Jisc funded service supporting Jisc Innovation programmes with events, publications and blog posts. Cetis now undertakes projects and research for a number of clients and partners. Cetis is based at the University of Bolton.
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Relationship Management

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Welcome to the JISC CETIS Relationship Management website! We're focusing specifically on improving relationship management in HE (Higher Education) and FE (Further Education), with an emphasis on BCE CRM (Business and Community Engagement Customer Relationship Management) and SLRM (Student Lifecycle Relationship Management). You can find out more in the About Relationship Management page.

The synthesis of the findings from the Phase 1 Relationship Management Programme projects is available: Relationship Management in UK Higher and Further Education – An Overview, PDF Format (3.64Mb). We also have a Just Enough Relationship Management resource which provides more detail on some of the project findings so far.

If you'd like to follow us, we have a dedicated Twitter tag: #rminhe and if you are interested in RM in the HE and FE sector, you can join our discussion lists: RMinHEFE for general RM and SLRM queries and discussions and CRMinHEFE for CRM specific concerns (strategic and cultural, rather than vendor-specific technological issues). There is also an aggregated RSS or Atom feed of relevant blogs (also viewable below).

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News and Blogs

Hi Folks – well I hope that some people are still checking the blog every now and then.  This is simply an update on what has happened here since the projects all wound up (well as far as the JISC … Continue reading
17 Oct 2012 Sharon's Blog
Here is the final post in my series of short project overviews from the JISC funded Relationship Management Programme. Last, but definitely not least, the project team at Cardiff Metropolitan University have developed an online learning environment (GradSpace), as part of the DePCEA (Developing a Professional Community Engagement Environment for Alumni) project, for supporting the development of graduate employability skills, assisting alumni in their transition to work and encouraging lifelong learning and professional development.
Student Lifecycle Relationship Management Relationship Management
15 Oct 2012 Sharon's Blog
The JISC funded Students FIRST Project has been improving the use of bursary schemes for purchasing learning materials and other services at the University of East London and Anglia Ruskin University, in conjunction with AMOSSHE and John Smith's Booksellers. Access to the bursary is staggered according to student progression; i.e. a student must progress to the second year of their studies in order to receive the second installment. Students can then purchase from a list of products specified by their institution, such as books, art materials, nursery fees, campus accommodation, etc. Almost 74% of students surveyed at one university found that the bursary was beneficial.
Student Lifecycle Relationship Management Relationship Management Analytics
11 Oct 2012 Sharon's Blog
The JISC funded Increasing Engagement and Value Using Integrated Web-Networking Technologies project at the University of Surrey has been putting together an online platform for delivering events to alumni. The project has used a combination of web, social media and integrated web-based technologies to help implement a cost-effective programme of events
Student Lifecycle Relationship Management Relationship Management
11 Oct 2012 Sharon's Blog
The JISC funded Southampton Student Dashboard Project at the University of Southampton has been aggregating data from across a number of systems and presenting it in a single place, so that pastoral tutors can provide better informed support for students.
Student Lifecycle Relationship Management Relationship Management Analytics
10 Oct 2012 Sharon's Blog
Many HE (Higher Education) institutions are facing increased demand from students for mental health services and there are also increasing numbers of students with complex difficulties. The DCSMH (Digital Communication and Student Mental Health) project at the University of Sheffield has created a website, Well Connected, which provides a library of self-help resources, a self-check facility, and social media functions for supporting students with mental health difficulties.
Accessibility Student Lifecycle Relationship Management Relationship Management
09 Oct 2012 Sharon's Blog
Project fulCRM, funded by JISC, at Roehampton University has improved two existing processes (a spreadsheet-based Early Warning System of lack of attendance and other indicators and the manual process of applying for mitigating circumstances) by taking a technological approach. Students now feel that the technological improvements provide them with a safety net and will be able to view their performance alongside their tutor.
Student Lifecycle Relationship Management Relationship Management Analytics
09 Oct 2012 Sharon's Blog
The JISC funded ESCAPES (Enhancing Student Centred Administration for Placement ExperienceS) project at the University of Nottingham has focussed on improving the management of its placement process for both staff and students. As employers are more likely to take on graduates with work experience, students may be more likely to choose a course that has a placement element. The relationships between teaching staff, administrative staff, students and businesses are an essential part of effective placement management.
Customer Relationship Management Student Lifecycle Relationship Management Relationship Management
04 Oct 2012 Sharon's Blog
We've just started a new JISCMail Discussion List for anyone who wants to talk about CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in the HE (Higher Education) and FE (Further Education) sectors. The CRMinHEFE list is a space for all stakeholders to discuss the implementation of CRM as a process and as a technology.
Customer Relationship Management Student Lifecycle Relationship Management Relationship Management
03 Oct 2012 Sharon's Blog
The JISC funded Support for All project at North Glasgow College has been trying to improve access to learner support, both on and off-campus. This project is based at an FE (Further Education) College, which tends to face different issues to HE (Higher Education) colleagues.
Student Lifecycle Relationship Management Relationship Management
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About Relationship Management

Relationship management is becoming increasingly important in the tertiary education sector as institutions try to meet the challenges of funding cuts and increased student and community expectations. Customer relationships, which, if handled effectively, will bring benefits to both the organisation and the sector as a whole

This has been an area of interest for several years for JISC CETIS, and we also manage the support, analysis and synthesis project to the JISC Relationship Management Programme.

The CETIS wiki has an extensive section on Relationship Management.


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