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“Analytics is the process of developing actionable insights through problem definition and the application of statistical models and analysis against existing and/or simulated future data.”(Adam Cooper, 2012)

As interest in analytics in education grows, we are exploring a number of themes relating to data and analytics within the sector.

The CETIS Analytics Series is intended to provide a broad landscape of the history, context, issues and technologies of Analytics in post 16 education.


22 Jul 2014 Martin Hawksey
There are regular reporting features built in to Google Analytics but what if you want to do customised reporting? One answer is Google Apps Script and this post walks you through access Google Analytics data in one line of code and setting up automated collection.
14 Jul 2014 Martin Hawksey
Highlighting how the Google Analytics Management API could be used by LMS/VLE vendors and platforms to manage the creation of course specific Google Analytics filtered views proving a Learning Analytics course and programme level actionable insight.
20 Jun 2014 Martin Hawksey
Presentation given at University of York Google Apps for Education European User Group meeting (GEUG14) exploring how Google Analytics can be used for Learning Analytics
22 Apr 2014 Martin Hawksey

Extract from a chapter on learning analytics in education as well as a meandering thought in light of inBloom closer on data dogma

The post Learning Analytics in Education and a data dogma? appeared first on MASHe.

04 Apr 2014 Adam's Workblog
An article appeared in the Times Higher Education online magazine recently (April 3, 2014) under the heading “More data can lead to poor student choices, Hefce [Higher Education Funding Council for England] learns”. The article was not about learning analytics, but about the data provided to prospective students with the aim of supporting their choice of […]

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