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You could think of "skills", you could think of "competencies", you could certainly think of "intended learning outcomes", but however you think of this topic, it is about what people want to learn, beyond just knowledge, what employers want of employees, what courses may aim to provide -- the common language we need to relate personal and professional development, the associated learning, and the use in practice of what is learned.

Given that people are not clear about the concepts and meanings of terms in this area, one activity directly connected with the topic is building consensus conceptual models. As these are agreed, the way is expected to become clearer towards developing a specification to enable portfolio (and other related) tools to be decoupled from particular areas of personal or professional skill and competence.

We have a mailing list -- -- and, given that interest is high across Europe and internationally, we are sharing some wiki space with European colleagues.

This topic is key to JISC's Curriculum Design and to a lesser extent the Curriculum Delivery programmes within the overall e-Learning programme, and should also relate to other programmes such as Business and Community Engagement.


20 Jun 2014 Simon Grant
At the recent Cetis conference – #cetis14 on twitter – Brian Kelly and I ran a session called “Open Knowledge: Wikipedia and Beyond”. The outcomes were much more interesting than might have been guessed – worthy of a post! Wikipedia has culture, or cultures. I personally have little experience of them, simply from doing little […]
Competences Open Educational Resources
19 May 2014 Simon Grant
When we understand how frameworks could be used for badges, it becomes clearer that we need to distinguish between different kinds of ability, and that we need tools to manage and manipulate such open frameworks of abilities. InLOC gives a model, and formats, on which such tools can be based. I’ll be presenting this material […]
Competences Standards
03 Apr 2014 Phil Barker
I had the pleasure yesterday to talk on the Mozilla Open Badges community call about how LRMI and Open Badges may intersect. Open Badges are a means of displaying digital recognition of skills and achievements, there’s a technical framework behind the badges that offers the means of providing data in support of the claimed achievement. […]
Metadata Competences Resource Description and Discovery Standards
12 Mar 2014 Simon Grant
(A contribution to Open Education Week — see note at end.) What is the need? Imagine what could happen if we had a really good sets of usable open learning outcomes, across academic subjects, occupations and professions. It would be easy to express and then trace the relationships between any learning outcomes. To start with, […]
Portfolio Competences Open Educational Resources Semantic Technologies
07 Oct 2013 Simon Grant
InLOC is well designed to provide the conceptual “glue” or “thread” for holding together structures and planned pathways of achievement, which can be represented by Mozilla OpenBadges. Since my last post — the last of the previous academic year, also about OpenBadges and InLOC — I have been invited to talk at OBSEG – the […]

Competences Resources

White paper: Concepts and Standardization in Areas Relating to Competence
Date: Aug 2010
A white paper by Simon Grant and Rowin Young.

Competences Publications

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