The Jisc Cetis site is now archived. The current Cetis site is available at: Between 2006 and 2013 the Centre for Educational Technology, Interoperability and Standards was a Jisc funded service supporting Jisc Innovation programmes with events, publications and blog posts. Cetis now undertakes projects and research for a number of clients and partners. Cetis is based at the University of Bolton.
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Identity Management


05 Mar 2013 Lorna M. Campbell
Thanks to Pat Lockley for drawing my attention to Reuter’s interesting take on inBloom, the US K-12 development that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. You can find the article here: K-12 student database jazzes tech startups, spooks parents. Just in case you missed it, inBloom is a new technology integration [...]
Metadata Identity Management Learning Opportunities (XCRI) Resource Description and Discovery Learning Platforms
15 Nov 2011 Rowin Young
Anyone who’s ever worked on a European funded project or programme will be all too familiar with the volume of paperwork and time spent on administration and auditing to meet European funding and reporting requirements.  Digital signatures, although highly time and cost efficient, are not acceptable for auditing purposes with only hand signed documentation being [...]
Lifelong Learning Identity Management Mobile Learning
11 Oct 2011 Rowin Young
You’ll almost certainly have noticed some of the excitement that’s suddenly erupted around the use of badges in education.  Perhaps you’ve heard that it’s the latest in a long line of ‘game changers for education’, maybe you’re even hoping for a slice of that $2million prize fund the HASTAC Initiative, Mozilla and the MacArthur Foundation [...]
Assessment Portfolio Lifelong Learning Achievement information Horizon Scan Identity Management e-Portfolio (Technology)
16 Sep 2010 Adam's Workblog
A draft for public comment of a new "Publicly Available Specification" (PAS) is available until October 5th. PAS's are not full standards and have not been through the same level of (time-consuming) consensus-assurance as such. The full title is "Code of practice for the planning, implementation and operation of a biometric system" and it is otherwise [...]
Identity Management Standards
28 Feb 2010 Paul Hollins
Earlier this week I was invited into a Further Education College to participate in a Technology Strategy working Group. I’m really very pleased to be invited to these kinds of discussions as I see them as crucial in informing both my work for JISC CETIS and the IEC Department in Bolton. Perhaps on the down […]
Architecture and Modelling Identity Management

Identity Management Publications

What is IMS VDEX?
Date: Sep 2007

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