The Jisc Cetis site is now archived. The current Cetis site is available at: Between 2006 and 2013 the Centre for Educational Technology, Interoperability and Standards was a Jisc funded service supporting Jisc Innovation programmes with events, publications and blog posts. Cetis now undertakes projects and research for a number of clients and partners. Cetis is based at the University of Bolton.
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Learning Design

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28 Feb 2013 Sheila MacNeill
One of the problems with being part of an innovation centre like CETIS is that we suffer a bit from the Dory complex. For those of you unfamiliar with this concept, it is based on the character Dory in the movie Finding Nemo who is rather easily distracted by new things. Sometimes we find that […]
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12 Feb 2013 Sheila MacNeill
Week 5 in #oldsmooc has been all about prototyping. Now I’ve not quite got to the stage of having a design to prototype so I’ve gone back to some of my earlier thoughts around the potential for Cloudworks to be more useful to learners and show alternative views of community, content and activities. I really […]
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08 Feb 2013 Sheila MacNeill
Following on from last week’s post on the #edcmooc, the course itself has turned to explore the notion of MOOCs in the context of utopian/dystopian views of technology and education. The questions I raised in the post are still running through my mind. However they were at a much more holistic than personal level. This […]
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05 Feb 2013 Sheila MacNeill
It had to happen at some time, and not sure if it was karmic retribution or chaos theory, or plain old sod’s law that this week the first high profile MOOC collapse occurred with the pulling of Georgia Tech’s Fundamentals of Online EducationCoursera MOOC. As many have already commented the route of the problem was […]
Curriculum Design Learning Design
01 Feb 2013 Sheila MacNeill
Stage two of my “adventures in MOOC-land” started this week as the e-Learning and Digital Cultures course started this week. I have signed up for Coursera courses before but for various reasons, I haven’t got very far. However I have a lot more motivation for sticking with this course. For the past couple of years […]
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