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Packaged Content

Packaged content refers to complex resources made up from distinct media assets structured in some meaningful way. The IMS Content Packaging specification and its derivatives (e.g. IMS Common Cartridge and ADL SCORM) are well established, but newer contributions range from the semantic-web oriented OAI-ORE specification to web 2.0 approaches such as mash-ups and RSS/ATOM feeds with embedded rich media.

This work relates to the Learning Resources and Activities area of the JISC eLearning Programme, and to the JISC Information Environment programme.

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25 Jun 2014 Wilbert Kraan
During last week’s CETIS conference I ran a session that assessed how ebooks can function as an educational medium beyond the paper textbook. After reminding ourselves that etextbooks are not yet as widespread as ebook novels, and that paper books generally are still more widely read, we examined what ebook features make a good educational […]
Assessment Packaged Content Mobile Learning Assessment (Technology) Standards
15 Jan 2014 Phil Barker
Even in the knowledge that current mainstream EPUB readers and applications for managing eBooks will most likely ignore all but the most trivial metadata, we still have use cases that involve more sophisticate metadata. For example we would like to use the LRMI alignment object in to say that a particular subsection of a […]
Metadata Packaged Content Semantic Technologies Resource Description and Discovery
06 Nov 2013 Wilbert Kraan
During last week’s EDUPUB workshop, I presented a demo of how an IMS QTI 2.1 question item could be embedded in an EPUB3 e-book in a way that is engaging, but also works across many e-book readers. Here’s the why and how. One of the most immediately obvious differences between a regular book and an […]
Assessment Packaged Content Mobile Learning Assessment (Technology) Widgets Standards
12 Aug 2013 Phil Barker
This thought on etextbooks is an overflow from a conversation I was having on skype with Li and Tore about a workshop aimed at scoping what we would like the etextbooks of the future to look like. We were talking about how the idea of a textbook–its role in teaching and learning and hence (perhaps) […]
Packaged Content
13 May 2013 Phil Barker
Every year for the past dozen or so years the Department of Information Sciences at UCL have organised a meeting on ebooks. I’ve only been to one of them before, two or three years ago, when the big issues were around what publishers’ DRM requirements for ebooks meant for libraries. I came away from that […]
Packaged Content Open Educational Resources Resource Description and Discovery

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Open Educational Resources (OER) Hackday
Date: 31 Mar 2011 to 01 Apr 2011

Packaged Content Resources

Transcoder final report
Date: Apr 2010
The transcoder project set out to develop and trial a cloud based service that can change one type of educational content package into another (i.e. transcode).
Content Transcoder project
Date: Jul 2008
Information on the Transcoder Project

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