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JISC CETIS has been providing advice and support to the UK Higher and Further Education sectors for the past 10 years. In that time there have been profound changes in the technologies used to support teaching and learning and consequently the educational technology specifications and standards being developed. This area collects together articles, resources and events on the development of standards and specifications from across all topic areas.


28 Jul 2014 Adam's Workblog
Last week (July 22nd 2014), the UK Government announced the open document formats to be used by government: PDF/A, HTML, and ODF. This is the second tranche of open standards that have been adopted following open consultation, detailed work by technical panels, and recommendation by the Open Standards Board. The first tranche, which I wrote […]
25 Jun 2014 Wilbert Kraan
During last week’s CETIS conference I ran a session that assessed how ebooks can function as an educational medium beyond the paper textbook. After reminding ourselves that etextbooks are not yet as widespread as ebook novels, and that paper books generally are still more widely read, we examined what ebook features make a good educational […]
Assessment Packaged Content Mobile Learning Assessment (Technology) Standards
19 May 2014 Simon Grant
When we understand how frameworks could be used for badges, it becomes clearer that we need to distinguish between different kinds of ability, and that we need tools to manage and manipulate such open frameworks of abilities. InLOC gives a model, and formats, on which such tools can be based. I’ll be presenting this material […]
Competences Standards
09 Apr 2014 Simon Grant
The CEN TC 353 was set up (about seven years ago) as the European Standardization Technical Committee (“TC”) responsible for “ICT for Learning Education and Training” (LET). At the end of the meeting I will be describing below, we recognised that the title has led some people to think it is a committee for standardising […]
03 Apr 2014 Phil Barker
I had the pleasure yesterday to talk on the Mozilla Open Badges community call about how LRMI and Open Badges may intersect. Open Badges are a means of displaying digital recognition of skills and achievements, there’s a technical framework behind the badges that offers the means of providing data in support of the claimed achievement. […]
Metadata Competences Resource Description and Discovery Standards

Standards Resources

White paper: Future of Interoperability Standards in Education Systems and Process
Date: Jan 2011
This paper summarises the Future of Interoperability Standards event that took place in January 2010 and brought together participants across a range of standards organisations and communities to look at the future of interoperability standards in the edu
Papers and Notes from Future of Interoperability Standards meeting
Date: Jan 2010
Position papers and discussion explored the relationship between relatively informal and formal specs/standards activities and how a more effective system might work.
JISC Standards Catalogue
Date: Jun 2009
A Resource for the UK HE/FE Technical Development Community, managed by UKOLN
Evaluating Standards - discussion and ideas
Date: Jun 2009
A paper by Adam Cooper (April 2009) addressing the question: “how do we know if a standard is fit for adoption” and discussing what fitness means and how we can assess it.
Reviews of Activity in Educational Technology Standards Bodies
Date: Apr 2009
A collection of reports describing CETIS activity in, and assessment of the dynamics of, several standards-related bodies.

Standards Publications

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