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e-Portfolio (Technology)

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14 Jul 2014 Simon Grant
I learned several things at the e-portfolio and identity conference (ePIC) 2014 that I attended 9th and 10th July. 1. People agree it’s political The response to my presentation (What will we need to learn and have evidence for? on Slideshare) reassured me that many of the excellent people at the conference shared something like […]
e-Portfolio (Technology)
12 Feb 2013 Sheila MacNeill
Week 5 in #oldsmooc has been all about prototyping. Now I’ve not quite got to the stage of having a design to prototype so I’ve gone back to some of my earlier thoughts around the potential for Cloudworks to be more useful to learners and show alternative views of community, content and activities. I really […]
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19 Dec 2012 Simon Grant
The wider CETIS community has often appreciated meeting up, with others sharing the same "special interests", in "SIG" meetings. That kind of meeting took place, including old "Portfolio" SIG participants, on 11th Dec in Nottingham, and many interesting points came up.
Portfolio e-Portfolio (Technology)
04 Dec 2012 Sharon's Blog
Just one year ago, there was no Coursera. MOOCs can offer an agile solution that takes student needs into account. And now the MOOC has just got better.
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02 May 2012 Simon Grant
The Leap2A review report has now been published. It is available along with other relevant materials from the e-Portfolio interoperability JISC page. For anyone following the fortunes of Leap2A, it is highly worthwhile reading. I'd like to take up some unasked questions, with implications for the future direction of Leap2 more generally.
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Leap2a: Enabling portfolio portability
Date: Oct 2010
An overview of the Leap2A specification for portfolio portability and interoperability.

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