The Jisc Cetis site is now archived. The current Cetis site is available at: Between 2006 and 2013 the Centre for Educational Technology, Interoperability and Standards was a Jisc funded service supporting Jisc Innovation programmes with events, publications and blog posts. Cetis now undertakes projects and research for a number of clients and partners. Cetis is based at the University of Bolton.
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Lifelong Learning

This section looks at supporting the lifelong learning community through the reporting and considerations around the issues of implementing technology to support workforce development.


27 Jan 2014 Simon Grant
I was recently reading a short piece from Peter Honey (of learning styles fame) in a CIPD blog post in which he writes, saving the most important item for last in his list: Learning to learn – the ultimate life-skill You can turn learning in on itself and use your learning skills to help you […]
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17 Apr 2013 Wilbert Kraan
Last weekend, a motley crew of designers, students, developers, business and government people came together in Edinburgh to prototype designs and apps to help learners manage their journeys. With help, I built a prototype that showed how curriculum and course offering data can be combined with e-portfolios to help learners find their way. The first […]
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06 Mar 2013 Sheila MacNeill
Following on from yesterday’s post, another “thought bomb” that has been running around my brain is something far closer to the core of Audrey’s “who owns your educational data?” presentation. Audrey was advocating the need for student owned personal data lockers (see screen shot below). This idea also chimes with the work of the Tin […]
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13 Feb 2013 Sheila MacNeill
It’s been a very reflective week for me in #edcmooc as we move to the “being human” element of the course. In week three we’re being specifically asked: “what does it mean to be human within a digital culture, and what does that mean for education?” and more specifically: “Who or what, in your view, […]
Lifelong Learning Learning Opportunities (XCRI)
08 Feb 2013 Sheila MacNeill
Following on from last week’s post on the #edcmooc, the course itself has turned to explore the notion of MOOCs in the context of utopian/dystopian views of technology and education. The questions I raised in the post are still running through my mind. However they were at a much more holistic than personal level. This […]
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